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Course content

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • How to use this course

    • Frequently asked questions

    • For international investigators - using this course if you do not work in England or Wales

    • About Dr Nina Burrowes

  • 2

    Why you need to think about juries

    • The psychology of jurors

    • A jury deliberating on victim resistance

    • A jury deliberating on victim reactions

    • Responding to the challenge of rape myths in court.

  • 3

    Understanding sex offenders

    • Introduction

    • Paul the psychopath

    • Simon the sadist

    • Kate the paedophile

    • Daryl the denier

    • Tariq the coper

    • What's it got to do with sex?

    • Pulling it all together

    • Handout - The psychology of sex offenders

    • Resources

  • 4

    Understanding victims

    • Why didn't Tessa fight?

    • Why isn't Jake's memory very good?

    • Why didn't Beth tell anyone?

    • Resources

  • 5

    What are these cases about?

    • What is crucial evidence in these cases?

  • 6

    Investigations - Victim interviews

    • When to interview victims

    • The trauma memory interview for recent or traumatised victims

    • Setting up an effective victim interview

    • Interview tactics - treat every case as a stranger assault

    • Interview tactics - the suspect focused victim interview

    • Interview tactics - covering consent with victims

    • Interview tactics - using trauma as evidence of a lack of consent

    • Interview tactics - asking challenging questions

    • Interview tactics - dealing with rape myths

    • Interview tactics - making sense of the things that don't make sense

    • Handout - Misconceptions about sexual violence

    • Resources

  • 7

    Investigations - Suspect interviews

    • Setting up an effective suspect interview

    • Interview tactics - be the right audience

    • Interview tactics - victim selection

    • Interview tactics - victim isolation

    • Interview tactics - the offence and consent

    • Interview tactics - after the offence

    • Setting up your case theory

    • Handout - Thinking about suspect interviews

    • Resources

  • 8

    False reports

    • Putting false reports into perspective

    • Why might someone make a false report?

    • Resources

  • 9

    The complainant's journey

    • Bringing the content to life - The Complainant's Journey

    • Behind the scenes: Making these videos

    • Complainant 1

    • Complainant 2

    • Complainant 3

    • Complainant 4

  • 10

    Looking after yourself

    • Looking after yourself when your work is about sexual offences

    • Resources

  • 11


    • The (not) small print

    • Privacy Policy

    • How do I cancel my subscription?

    • Course completion certificate

Course Instructor


Nina Burrowes

Our founder Dr Nina Burrowes is a psychologist and nationally recognised expert on the psychology of sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic abuse. A regular educator of police officers, prosecutors, barristers, judges, therapists, healthcare professionals and university staff Dr Burrowes is the author of two books on sexual abuse and the presenter of the BBC’s ‘Rape on trail. Is the jury out?’ Nina is Patron of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.